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  1. Look in the future QA

    so send a fucking PM or open a ticket, if you open a thread on a public forum, anyone can answer, can understand that?
  2. Look in the future QA

    you have no clues about game. i say (.)
  3. Look in the future QA

    stop qq if put rerrol, server die, otherwise, if they put rerrol, need to make -2 lvls to char easy.
  4. Essence Community Poll - Class Balance

    if put rerrol, down 2 lvls from char who rerrol. my vote is 3. Read CalYsaracapac saying "no changes" make me think he is a pussy who want to play only HARD BROKED CHAR Necro 4k pdef and 10k mattack, land rate debuff is almost 100%. cmon