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I have a suggestions:


- Remove the SWS / BD from the enchanters system and add one more slot in party 7> 8?
- Maybe can add Enlightenment for mages
- Add quest for second class but remove the 3 quest and put only one quest.
- Dont add more skills/buff to OL, literaly is OP class with all buff/debuffs and s/d
- Dont add new zones farm, we need top/mid/zones for farm, who wanna farm in tops spots need do pvp for it.



- No put items for cheap P2W
Put items that give stats at low prices, only allows those who have money to spam items and those who do not, buy only a few and this generates desbalance.

"For example"
I have 10 euros
Talisman aden = 0.5 euro

I'll only buy 20 and if I'm lucky it goes up to + 4 / + 5 / + 6
Whoever has more money can buy more and can spam until + 8 / + 9 / + 10

Can add this items with adena (L-coins + Adenas) for buy it or can add after open, but not in first week
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1-Class quests
3-Better leveling pace so you don't get to level 20 in a couples of minutes and actually experience the early areas of the game.
4-More areas to farm so casuals actually get to play instead of becoming punchbags of no life zergs
5-stat rune reward from voting, so the server can constantly stay relevant without unbalacing the game.

And let me give you a important advice, do not make choices based only on what big clans/zergs want if you're planning to make it a long term project, they just care about dominating, not what's really the best for the server health.
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say that to l2 reborn and l2 classic club, two of the most populous and famous servers actually without a second currency (l2 coin). :D

How are you going to give an example L2Reborn .. If you knew the history of that server, you would never give it an example .. apart from the fact that they are different communities ... Interlude is a very basic chronicle, you get to Grade (A) and you are practically already full equipment ... Here in Classic you have 8000 items that you have to upload, frame, upgrade, etc.

I have already talked about this but that the second change quest is simplified, why should a person who has 3 characters because he wants to play only has to do 9 quests and more in a x1? GG haha

I saw that above they suggested that they put pets, perhaps they refer to the kokaburra and wolf. The Kokaburra is something harmless, that you only recover mp but a full team wolf? It is practically another extra character, that is the bad thing about the H5 I would say


----->>>> Put in place an inventory locking system (pin-code) so that CPs can recruit members safely without fear of item theft
(Now if you give the pin-code and then they rob you? That is already their problem)

Why else can one dedicate themselves to saying SISI GIVE ME A CHARACTER I WILL HELP YOU, it is good 1-2-3 days and as soon as it could steal something from you, being x1? anything goes ... and being a party of only 7 characters? you cannot walk with your "Supports - Backpacks" with MOON D equipment forever for fear of being robbed <<<< -----


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- Add club card with reduced songs/dances power. So everybody can farm easily and not have to create a dualbox buffer. Always there will be difference between parties with active buffer than club card buffs.
- Remove PvP/PK experience loss. So people is more willing to fight back instead of running away because of losing exp. It's painful to waste 30min farm for 1 pvp at high level.
- If server it's going to be x1, most people will not reach max level before stage change. Are you planning to split the stages dates if most people does not reach it?
- Subclass will be at lvl 75? Can be done earlier? Else we need to wait until Stage 3.
- Same for Nobless, can we have it earlier?
- For donations, can you add skins/agathions/pets/hats instead of items that give stats?